Are your surfaces just not cutting it? Let us help you find the right countertops.

Gallery Design Center offer’s custom and durable countertops for any remodel including kitchens and bathrooms.

The things we do to countertops…we put them through a lot. They must withstand a great deal of abuse, but it doesn’t have to show. Our store in Temple, TX can fit your home with elegant designs in granite and quartz. Both are hard to damage, and so easy to clean! If your countertops are losing their lustre, we can help you make a solid choice from everything to a kitchen remodel to a bathroom remodel.

Counter tops in a kitchen from gallery design center in Temple TX
Counter tops in a bathroom from Gallery Design Center in Temple TX

Quartz countertops are an incredibly durable, yet elegantly beautiful, customizable choice with the look of a natural stone surface. For smooth, non-porous surfaces which are easy to keep clean and nearly impossible to damage, this is a solid choice.

Granite countertops are 100% natural stone, and no two pieces look exactly alike. Classic, durable, granite is a natural choice for a highly refined look.

Applications Include

Kitchen Countertops • Kitchen Islands • Backsplashes • Fireplaces • Bathroom Vanities • Shower Surrounds • Tabletops and Other Furniture

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